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  • "We are determined to use the most expressive and unique terroirs of Australia to create Australian fine wine of distinction."
    Brian Croser, Jean-Michel Cazes, Arnould d'Hautefeuille
  • Tapanappa combines “old vines, new terroirs, experienced winemaking and energetic skilled young management.”
  • The Croser family planted the Tiers Vineyard in 1979, the first vineyard planted in the Adelaide Hills region in the 20th century.
    In every way The Tiers Vineyard is a "distinguished site". It is the first vineyard planted in the Adelaide Hills thus pioneering the true cool climate wine industry of South Australia.
  • The Foggy Hill Vineyard is on a northwestfacing slope at 300 to 350 metres (ASL) at Parawa, the highest point of the Fleurieu Peninsula half way between Victor Harbor and Cape Jervis.
    Tapanappa is dedicated to exploring the potential of the very exciting Foggy Hill Pinot Noir terroir.
  • The Whalebone Vineyard was purchased immediately after the formation of the partnership in 2002. Originally named Koppamurra Vineyard It has been renamed the Whalebone Vineyard because of the discovery of a 35 million year old whale skeleton in a limestone cave beneath the vineyard.

  • Situated at 37º 10’ S and 140° 87’ E at an altitude of 80 meters, the Whalebone Vineyard is on the dunal ridge of the oldest shoreline of the plain which gently leans away to the Great Southern Ocean 80 kilometres to the west.
    Whalebone Vineyard in particular and Wrattonbully in general are peculiarly suited to the production of Cabernet Shiraz blends, an Australian traditional blend and once common in France when the practice of "Hermitaging" was used to bolster the wines of Bordeaux in deficient years.

Five out of five - 2009 Whalebone Cabernet Shiraz

The Weekly Review
Ben Thomas
Review Date: 
31st of January 2014


“a lot of gravitas” - 2012 Foggy Hill Pinot Noir - 95 points

Gourmet Traveller WINE
Review Date: 
29th of January 2014

This pinot noir has a lot of gravitas with a deep colour and spicy bouquet. It’s slightly oak dominant at first with black cherry emerging in time. It’s dense and persistent with satisfying flavour, backed by a spine of tannins.

95 points / 5 stars

The Noble House of Carmenet

This paper was presented by Brian at a conference in London, January 2014.




Carmenet is an old Medoc synonym for Cabernet Franc.

The Wine Detective looks at Wrattonbully

The Wine Detective
Sarah Ahmed
Review Date: 
8th of January 2014

As part of her Limestone Coast regional tour, Sarah Ahmed has produced a detailed article on the geology and associated wines of the Wrattonbully region, including a look at our unique Whalebone Vineyard. Read the full article here: http://www.thewinedetective.co.uk/blog/australia/the-limestone-coast-part-2-down-the-hatch-at-wrattonbully/

A look at the 2008 & 2009 Whalebone Cabernet Shiraz

Australian Wine Review
Andrew Graham
Review Date: 
2nd of January 2014

2008 Whalebone Vineyard Cabernet Shiraz

I opened this alongside the 2009 version, just to have another look to see if I had changed my mind about vintage preferences. I haven't, as this still looks the less defined (and delicious) wine of the pair. A personal preference though (and viva lavintage variation).

WBM 2013 Wines of the Year - 2008 Whalebone Vineyard Merlot Cab Franc

Mike Bennie
Review Date: 
January 2014

Impressive from the get-go. Layers of dark fruits, earth, ferrous savouriness, eucalypt and sage. A formidable wall of fruit is tempered by ropes of dusty tannins, but all set in a medium body, cedary frame. Hold for a spell.

95 points

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